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Try New Things, Learn New Skills, Meet New Friends

“The exploritory and block activities are really fun because I get to do things I have never done before”

Hochelaga Camper, Summer 2018

Evening Program, held after dinner, is a daily opportunity for everyone at camp to come together for fun, excitement, and community building. Evening Program is different each night. Some focus on gathering to have a blast playing a giant all-camp game, while others center on coming together to appreciate one another and reflect on just how much camp means to us.

A few of Camp Hochelaga’s longest-standing Evening Program traditions include Musical Nights, Banquets, and Candlelight Ceremony.

Musicals take place during the second week of each 2-week session. Campers and staff electing to perform in the musical prepare and rehearse during their first week at camp. The performance happens the second week for all of camp to see and appreciate! 

Each summer, campers and staff elect to put on two full-camp, themed banquet events. Past themes have included Alice in Wonderland, a ’50s style diner, New York City, and more. Campers and staff work together to design and create decorations and transform the lodge according to the theme (which is kept secret until the big reveal on banquet night). Banquets take place during sessions RC4 and RC6.

Candlelight Ceremony is the Evening Program tradition that lives at the core of the Hochelaga Spirit. On the final Friday evening of every session, campers come together around the campfire. The air is filled with camp songs that have been a part of Camp Hochelaga for over 100 summers, and campers and staff have opportunities to share what camp means to them and how it has impacted them over the years.