Moving in Day

Below are some helpful tips to make your campers arrival and departures at camp as seamless as possible this year, and we recommend all families familiarize themselves with this year’s procedures before arriving.

Sharing the check-in and out process found on the website and in the Family and Camper Handbook with your camper can be  tremendously helpful if your child has nerves around their first day at camp. Once on site, our staff are experienced in making campers feel welcome and relaxed during this process.

Helpful tips to relay to your camper:

Parents will stay in the car while the camper goes for head / foot check and at this time the parents can drop off medications to the camp nurse, and ask any questions they may have.

If your camper is taking a regular medication(s) our nursing staff will make sure they get their medication on time, and the counselor will help remind them if needed.

Cabin counselors will help campers set up their bunks and make introductions. There will also be a meeting with all cabins later in the day after they are settled into their bunks.

After getting set up, campers will take their swim test. They will need to change into their swimsuit and head to the waterfront to complete this very important skill check. This is a tool to help the waterfront staff evaluate campers on their level of comfort in the water. This will also help if a camper chooses to take a boating or paddleboard class.

After the essential “line” meeting, campers will head to the flagpole, discuss table assignments, and head to dinner. Counselors will help out to make sure everyone knows where to go when all along the way, and each table at all meals has a counselor to assist and make sure campers are getting enough to eat.

After dinner campers will go back to their cabins, clean up and get ready for the evening program or EP! This is a camp-wide activity time for all campers to come together and share something special, try something new, or even just get out that last bit of energy before a good night’s sleep.