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Leave a Legacy

Adding YWCA Vermont Camp Hochelaga as a beneficiary in your will or trust is a great way to help ensure the Spirit of Hochelaga continues to grow and thrive. Once you add YWCA Vermont Camp Hochelaga to your legacy plans, please let us know so we can acknowledge your generous support!

A Note about Planned Giving from Paul Simpson 

Paul Simpson, former Camp Director for Camp Hochelaga, has led a robust career in financial planning. If you are interested in helping to sustain the magic of Camp Hochelaga over time, Paul recommends establishing deferred gift annuity (planned giving).

“To establish deferred gift annuity, begin by giving a gift to Hochelaga with a minimum of $20,000. Once you give, Hochelaga will draw up a contract and it can be reviewed by your attorney. The fixed amount returned to you is calculated based on rates published by the American Council on Gift Annuities. They use actuarial calculations to determine your life expectancy, projected investment returns and administrative costs. The rates are set with the goal that Hochelaga will receive 50% of the gift upon your death. If you are over age 70.5 and don’t need all your required distributions from your IRA, you can give a Qualified Charitable Distribution. Funds are sent directly to Hochelaga with no taxes withheld. It means more of your money goes to directly to Hochelaga.”
– Paul Simpson