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Social Advocacy & Youth Empowerment

Leaders on the Rise

YWCA Vermont’s Leaders on the Rise program began in 2018 as a leadership development opportunity to middle school and high school aged girls through the scope of social justice empowerment. Our two-day, one night program welcomes young leaders to Camp Hochelaga to participate in a variety of projects with the intended purpose to demonstrate the significance and power of self-expression and supporting others in our local community. In a rustic atmosphere, participants will have the chance to appreciate the natural beauty of camp while engaging in thoughtful dialogue to explore how they can make change within their communities. We look forward to partnering with a variety of community organizations to support our efforts in facilitating these meaningful projects of youth empowerment and leadership development.

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Skill Building

Social Advocacy

Team Building

Team Building



Identity Exploration

Identity Exploration

Leaders on the Rise Program Details


    9:00AM                            Check-In

    9:30AM                            Welcome to Leaders on the Rise

    10:00AM                          Major Projects – Round 1

    11:15AM                            All Group Activity

    12:30PM                           Lunch

    1:30PM                             Community Play Time

    2:15PM                             Major Projects – Round 2

    3:30PM                             Snack

    3:45PM                             Major Projects – Round 3

    5:00PM                             Line Time

    5:30PM                             Flag/Dinner

    7:00PM                             All Group Evening Program


    8:00AM                            Bugle Wake Up

    8:30AM                            Flag/Breakfast

    9:30AM                            Small Group Reflections

    10:15AM                           Community Play Time

    11:00AM                           Check Out

For questions about this program please email or call (802) 862-7520