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YOU can help sustain Camp

“Right now, during an uncertain and unpredictable time, I’m choosing to make an unrestricted gift to Hochelaga to allow Camp the most flexibility in how to respond. Of course I believe in Scholarship gifts and facilities gifts, but right now, when Camp must adapt and adjust to new situations due to COVID, I want to give the leadership the flexibility they need – and I trust them to do that well.” – Sarah Turner, ‘Laga Alum ‘80-91

2021 has been marked by the incredible strength and resilience of our community. Thank you for your continued support!

There are many ways to give

“There is no place better in all this world than this camp, but that’s the thing we all know, so if you’re reading this, you probably feel exactly the same. One of the most beautiful things about ‘Laga is it is always your home, even on the day you return and don’t recognize anyone, nor does anyone recognize you. The ‘Laga spirit always lives on here, and in all the places it travels with each one of us. And I’m so glad I’ve been one of the people who passes through, and carries it on.”
-Christine Perry, ‘Laga Alum ’03-18