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Covid Policy 2023

Vaccination and Testing Policy 2023:

As of December 2022, YWCA Vermont Camp Hochelaga is not planning on requiring proof camper vaccination, nor proof of recent negative test as clearance to attend sessions. Please note that this may be subject to change depending on how our current climate evolves. We are closely monitoring COVID rates in both Vermont and the country and will keep all families updated should there be any change to this policy.

What if My Camper Tests Positive Prior to their Arrival?

If your camper receives a positive test result prior to their arrival, they will be required to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days. If your camper is completely asymptomatic, or if their symptoms have completely dissipated by the 5th day, they may arrive for their camp session on the 6th day since their positive test result. Should this mean that your camper will miss all or the majority of their time enrolled, we are happy to discuss with you moving their enrollment to a different session pending availability.

How is COVID Monitored at Hochelaga?

While at Hochelaga, should any of our campers fall ill we have a 24/7 on-site health team to help treat them. This year, we have included a Consent to COVID Testing Form in our online registration.

If you consent to COVID testing for your camper, you are allowing us to test your camper for COVID if and only if: a) your camper is experiencing COVID symptoms or b) a camper in your child’s cabin tests positive for COVID.

If you do not consent to COVID testing for your camper, and they are in either of these situations, we will contact you to discuss best steps to keep your camper and our community safe.

If your camper tests positive (or tests negative, but is experiencing severe enough symptoms, or high enough fever to warrant it) you will be asked to bring them home at your earliest convenience. We have an isolation room in our Health House for campers who need to rest outside their cabins where your camper can stay overnight if need be. In case of emergency, we do also have means to get your camper to a local hospital or doctor’s facility.

If there is a positive case at camp all families will be notified as means of transparency, and you can reach out to us if you would like your camper COVID tested as a precaution.

If at any time it is deemed necessary, YWCA Vermont Camp Hochelaga reserves the right to instate a mask policy for campers and staff.